Rice Alternative- nurtur me

A few months ago my mom found these dried baby foods. When I saw them I will be honest I was a little skeptical, however, they were actually really good and very convenient. You can mix with breastmilk, whole-milk, water, or formula to create the texture of your child’s liking. Mix it in other foods like pasta to add extra nutrients.

NurturMeals Singles

Now my son has had issues with “rice” since he was 6 months old. He could not handle rice cereal, puffs, white rice, or brown rice. “S” has reactions causing him to become very ill. We think the possible cause is a FPIES allergy. His pediatrician have told us to just avoid rice products in general. So when I came across nurture me rice alternative “quinoa” I was thrilled. I called nurture me to double check that this was indeed rice free and they assured me that it was rice free and that it is packed with protein. This sounded like a win win! Protein plus a rice alternative. The customer service rep was extremely nice and offered to send me a sample for us to try.


When I got it in I was thrilled. I decided to use the quinoa with mashed potatoes giving him a little protein with his dinner. I will say I was little disappointed with the quonia. I thought it would actually me grains not powder… However he did eat it and it served its purpose well. Not to mention it is easy to blend well into different foods. I did only use half the packet. The remaining packet I used the other day when I ran out of his oatmeal so I used half oatmeal and half quinoa. This was a protein packed oatmeal. “S” really enjoined it and ate it all. This little toddler can be pretty picky so if I can sneak protein into his diet I am a VERY happy mommie!

I am not affiliated with any company mentioned in my blog and I was given this product for personal use. The company was not aware of my blog or that I would blog about their product. My opinion is completely honest and based on my own experience.


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