Smell Goodies I ♥ U!

My all time FAVORITE boutique in Baton Rouge Louisiana sent me a care package filled with Tyler Candles and Faye Raye’s bath bombs. I must tell you they are AMAZING!!!! I promise once you try a Tyler Candle you will never be able to try another. My favorite scent you may ask? That’s a hard one because I LOVE them all and always try another one. Right now I am burning Resort which is a fabulous summer scent. The top fragrances are DIVA, HIGH MAINTENANCE, and FLEUR DE LIS. Check out there website and Facebook page for weekly giveaways! Thanks Smell Goodies / Old Prague Market
Missing a few in the pic because I couldn’t help myself from wanting to light them as soon as I opened the box! 😉

The BEST bath bomb EVER!!!

I was given this product for personal use. The company was not aware of my blog or that I would blog about their product. My opinion is completely honest and based on my own experience.


2 thoughts on “Smell Goodies I ♥ U!

  1. I saw your comment on Instagram. We are dealing with it. We are currently fpies to milk. Soy, rice and peas are currently in question. We are in philadelphia. There is a great support group on Facebook. Feel free to email me to Beth, cry or be excited about new foods, etc. Also check out iaffpe. It’s a wonderful organization dedicated to fpies. Good luck

    • Hi Lauren! I am sorry to hear your little one too is dealing with FPIES. This allergy is unfortunately is not very well know, difficult, and scary. Thanks for the info as well as reaching out to me. I will be sure to check out the group. I have been on iaffe which has been very helpful! Please keep in touch.

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