Eat Play Love

Eat Play Love has some of the most adorable bibs I have ever seen, they call it “The Bandana Bib.” I was in love when I saw her products and when I received not one but three in the mail I was ecstatic!




Candice the owner, designer and a mother was inspired to create this bib line after receiving a neck scarf for her daughter. Her daughter is a big drooler, so she needed something functional that mimicked the “neck scarf” as well as being lightweight and comfortable. Candice is also working on new bib prints, and a clothing line which is said to be just as fun and adorable as her bibs. She currently does not have her products in any stores here in the USA, but online ordering is available.



These bibs are great for meal time as well as the drooling, teething toddler. The fabric is breathable and thick enough to keep your little ones chest dry. Little mans molars are cutting and I have had a really hard time keeping a bib on him… However, these particular bibs he doesn’t mind.



Her prints are adorable!! My favorite has to be the houndstooth! But of course I love them all. The bib is also reversible and the best part they even thought of making the tag reversible too! One side of the tag says the brand “Eat Play Love” and the other a mustache (which my husband happens to love). Different sizes you may ask? No worries, Eat Play Love bibs have adjustable snaps that allow your bib to grow with your child.



These bibs are a must have!!!



2 thoughts on “Eat Play Love

  1. As her hubby I can testify too the effort and love she has put into these bibs!! They are all hand made by herself at this stage! Hopefully one day she will be able to go see all the babies wearing her bibs in the great US of A!

    Greetings from sunny South Africa

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