Up he goes!

This last week little man has learned to climb the stairs (with help of course) or as he says “woaalk” (walk). This milestone is bitter sweet for me… each day he wants to be more and more independent and doesn’t want the help of mommy or daddy for certain tasks, and it makes me a little sad. I love that he is excited to use his new skills he has learned, but I just know sooner or later he will not want my help with anything. Everyone always said “They grow up fast”, yes, my baby boy is growing too fast… I don’t think it will ever get easier on this momma. So to hold these precious moments I make sure to snap LOTS of photos!!! haha

Here are a few photos of baby boy climbing the stairs with daddy.





Recall Alert- Motrin Infant Drops & Count 123 Book

Two recalls to be aware of…


MOTRIN® Infants’ Drops Original Berry Flavor 1/2 fl oz voluntarily recall of three lots due to plastic particles.



UPC Code

UPC Case Code

For more information call Motrin Consumer Care Center at 1-877-414-7709

Hachette Book Group Recalls Children’s books titled “Count my Kisses, 1, 2, 3” and “Red, Green, Blue, I Love You” Due To Choking and Laceration Hazards.

A metal rod holding small beads on the cover of books can detach and release small parts that present a choking hazard. A detached metal bar can expose a sharp edge posing a laceration hazard.

For more information call Hachette Book Group (888) 965-5802

Strut- The Fashionable Mom Show NYFW

I think pretty much every girl has dreamed about attending a fashion show or at least I have. Never would have imagined attending a show in NYC durning Fashion Week, but this past Saturday I DID!!!!


I attended STRUT- The Fashionable Mom Show and I can not tell you how much fun I had! Walking into The Mercedes Bens Fashion Week at Lincoln center felt like a dream. Seeing everyone dressed up in the latest fashion trends was so much fun in itself.

I got in a little early to make sure I was in line for seating. While waiting I was able to check out a few booths. My two favorite were the Sweet N Low martini booth offering “little pink dresses” as they called it (recipe below) which by the way are 100 calories!!! The second was Papyrus located right next to The Strut entry. Papyrus was handing out gorgeous cards to send to anyone you wanted to world wide from New York Fashion Week, calling it “send style” so of course I sent one to my little sister.



The Strut Show was put on by Denise Albert and Melissa Gerstein co-founders of The Moms along with sponsors Vaseline, Cottenel, and Whirlpool. The theme of the show was “Strutting for a Cause” where REAL moms each representing a cause/ charity were the models. The models Strutted real wears provided by Bloomingdales. And 10 year old DJ Fulano was adorable! A few celebrities also attended, which at the time I wasn’t sure who they were… all I knew was they had to be some sort of athlete. My friend who also attended the show with me snapped a photo and later my husband explained that it was Amar’e Stoudemire from the New York Knicks’, Jorge Posada & CC Sabathia from the New York Yankees’ (my husband was so upset he didn’t attend the show with me). I did spot Jay Emmanuel and I knew exactly who he was!!! This event was exciting and so full of energy! It was truly a memorable experience.