Up he goes!

This last week little man has learned to climb the stairs (with help of course) or as he says “woaalk” (walk). This milestone is bitter sweet for me… each day he wants to be more and more independent and doesn’t want the help of mommy or daddy for certain tasks, and it makes me a little sad. I love that he is excited to use his new skills he has learned, but I just know sooner or later he will not want my help with anything. Everyone always said “They grow up fast”, yes, my baby boy is growing too fast… I don’t think it will ever get easier on this momma. So to hold these precious moments I make sure to snap LOTS of photos!!! haha

Here are a few photos of baby boy climbing the stairs with daddy.





5 thoughts on “Up he goes!

  1. My little girl is 4 months and I’m dreading those days. She already pushes my hand away when I hold her bottle, despite the fact that she still can’t hold it 100% on her own yet.

    • She sounds very independent. 🙂 time does fly. Although baby boy wants to be a big boy so bad he still cuddles up with me. So don’t worry they will always want that momma cuddle time.

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