Mommie’s Time Out!

Lets face it being a mommie leaves us very little “me” time. I never realized how much mess my pint size toddler could make, and the places where they manage to hide their snacks. ha ha Not to mention I can not tell you the last time I managed to go to the bathroom in peace. I now have a full time cheerleader to clap and cheer me on (thanks to potty training he likes to clap for mom and dad too!) Let me just tell you I have more respect for my mother every day! Raising four children must have been exhausting. Sorry Mom for all the headache we caused you haha! Don’t get me wrong I truly enjoy every minute of being a mommie! Yes, including going a full day without realizing I have my shirt on inside out, or peanut butter smeared on my face. ha 

As I was saying we rarely get any time just to be by ourselves. Now as much as I would love a spa day… I know that a weekly trip is just not in the books for this mommie so… in the mean time the peanut butter that baby boy manages to smear on my face will have to suffice as my weekly facial. lol

Since moving to NYC I have been able to spend more time with my Mother in Law who is always telling me “you need to take time for yourself, if you don’t take care of YOU then you will not be able to take care of those that need you” This is very true. Whether it is taking five minutes to enjoy a cup of coffee, or going for a walk alone, buying a little something for yourself, even a craft project… doing what makes YOU relax and take time for yourself. EVERYONE needs a weekly Mommie’s Time Out!

I have decided that each week I am going to make a point to have “Mommie’s Time Out”. Please join me each Friday afternoon right here as I fill you in on what I did in time out!

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Mommie’s Time Out- Coffee & Mani

This weeks Mommie’s Time Out included a at home manicure with ESSIE Sand Tropez polish and a delicious cup of coffee, while sweet pea had a glorious long nap!!! I am obsessed with ESSIE nail polish!!!! And this is my go to neutral color. I am constantly washing my hands and eventually my polish chips… One reason I adore this color is when it does chips, you can hardly tell because the color blends so well with your nails. I would say my time out was not so bad 😉


3 thoughts on “Mommie’s Time Out!

  1. Love Sand Tropez!! I have to say though, I am not the biggest Essie fan. I loved it until Loreal bought it, the formula doesn’t work well for me anymore.. sigh.. I can admire it on other people though!! OPI is probably my favourite brand!

  2. Well…I hope that you find time for yourself. It has been a long time since I raised my kids, though the sacrifice and hard work have not be forgotten. Looking back on the experience, I should have managed to fit in much more time for myself. Parenthood does not have be complete drudgery. Your post is well written and was enjoyable reading.

  3. You paint those nails boo! It’s my next goal. I managed to sneak a bath in.. Even a glass of wine. Woo! My next idea is to get a neck and shoulder massage at one of those Asian places at the mall during her morning nap. Then I’ll try to move on up to a full body. As daddy watches her of course!

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