Happy Halloween!

Well I hope y’all had a very happy Halloween filled with load of yummy candy!!!

photo 5

Holding tight to his first piece of candy

This year is my little monkey’s first REAL Halloween, and it was a great one. The hubby had to unfortunately work today so it was just little man trick or treating. We decided to go to the Chelsea neighborhood by  Clement Clarke Moore Park as suggested by Red Tricycle. The brownstones were decorated to the tee! Cobwebs and fog machines, the decorations were frightfully fun.


This brownstone was decked out!

My little trick or treater dressed up as (in my opinion) the most adorable monkey you ever did see. Not only does my baby boy had a little belly already, his costume had a little plush belly. It was adorable!

photo 2

I can’t get over the plush belly. ha ha

photo 1

The first piece of candy he was given was from a doorman who told him to take any piece he wanted. Baby boy went for the Reese’s, and was so excited about his candy he wanted to stop on the next stoop and eat it. Before he could get it open, he noticed all the excitement happening further down. As we went down the block, collecting more candy (still holding on to his precious Reese’s) he wanted to stop and eat each piece. Being that he has a Rice allergy, we have to be very careful reading each and every label… in the mean time I was able to distract him with lollies I brought with me until I can go through each piece of candy.

photo 3

It was extremely crowded, thankfully we didn’t bring the stroller we had our go to baby carrier the Ergo. If you plan on trick or treating next year in the Chelsea neighborhood I recommend not bringing a stroller if possible. Their were a few parents who did opt for the stroller and in my opinion they seemed a little frustrated trying to navigate through. But I would go again. Great experience!

photo 4

Happy Halloween from my little monkey and I

Here in NYC their are a number of local businesses/ dentist buying back your child’s candy. Simply bring in your loot and in exchange they will give you cash per pound, and some may even give you up to $5 a pound! Most have a limit and there are specific times and deadlines so be sure to check out Red Tricycle’s  list for every borough here.

One house was handing out shoe strings and bouncy balls, another pretzels. What non candy item did your child receive this year?



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