Mommie’s Time Out-INDULGE

I recently found a new addiction the “Crumbnut”, which is Crumbs Bake Shop’s take on the craved Cronut created by Chef Dominique Ansel right here in NYC. Unfortunately, I do not have the time to wait in line for hours on end to enjoy one of these delectable treats. So I opted for the Crumbnut which is the same concept. And I am not disappointed! I practically inhaled the darn thing! I know very unladylike (thankfully I was alone)! lol. Better to not eat around the kids so you don’t need to share! ha ha!

photo 2

The Crumbnut is part donut and part croissant, Shaped like donut with a flaky croissant dough like consistency. Crumbs has a variety cinnamon sugar (my favorite), Bavarian cream, chocolate filled, and a new apple pie filled!

photo 3

So go ahead INDULGE! You deserve it!



Not available at all Crumbs locations.

Currently all NYC Crumbs carry Crumbnuts.


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