Today we conquered!

It was a big day for little man and myself. He conquered going up the playscape at the park and down the slide all BY HIMSELF! And I conquered my fear by letting him go up alone without freaking out. Well… ok, I did panic a little… lol. But he did really well by himself, I am proud. This particular park has a smaller area on top of the playscape that is mostly closed in, suitable for small children (supervised of course!). He did try and give me a heart attack a few times by giving me that little grin and going towards the open space. I think he knows how to get a reaction from me ALREADY! Oh boy… ha ha

photo 1

photo 2

Going for it!

photo 1


photo 2

Hi mom!

photo 5


photo 3

Made it!

photo 4



Up he goes!

This last week little man has learned to climb the stairs (with help of course) or as he says “woaalk” (walk). This milestone is bitter sweet for me… each day he wants to be more and more independent and doesn’t want the help of mommy or daddy for certain tasks, and it makes me a little sad. I love that he is excited to use his new skills he has learned, but I just know sooner or later he will not want my help with anything. Everyone always said “They grow up fast”, yes, my baby boy is growing too fast… I don’t think it will ever get easier on this momma. So to hold these precious moments I make sure to snap LOTS of photos!!! haha

Here are a few photos of baby boy climbing the stairs with daddy.




Melt My Heart!

My little love bug has always been super affectionate. Giving the sweetest baby kisses you could ever ask for. He’s not like most babies who just slobber on your cheek leaving drool all over your face. No, he puckers up the those little lips, gives a big smackaroo, and actually says “mwah”. He turns this mommie to mush! Lately, on our family walks love bug will pucker up every block or so wanting us to stop just so he can give Mommie and Daddy kisses or “besos” my husband is Puerto Rican so my little one and I are learning Spanish together 😉


This week “S” has decided not to just show affection with his baby kisses, but insists on holding our hand as he strolls. A couple blocks he holds mommies hand and daddy pushes the stroller and then we switch, and it’s daddy’s turn.

My little one never seizes to amaze me. It’s days like these that I have to stop to take in the moment. I feel so blessed to mother such a sweet and loving child.

Father’s Day


My hansom hubby!

Today I was able to recognize my one and only love of my life. I love him more and more each day and watching him father our son makes me fall more in love with him! We had a great day filled with BBQ & beer from Fette Sau. Little one also had his first lollipop. Then, I wanted to take him to his favorite bakery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn called Fortunato Brother’s Bakery. Let me just tell you it is AMAZING!!! Once you have tried their cannolis I promise you that you will only want theirs from then on! They also have gelato that baby boy squealed with excitement for! In fact he loved it so much he decided it was better to eat it face first forgetting the spoon!


His First Lollipop




Father’s Day card from PowerHouse Arena in DUMBO