Today we conquered!

It was a big day for little man and myself. He conquered going up the playscape at the park and down the slide all BY HIMSELF! And I conquered my fear by letting him go up alone without freaking out. Well… ok, I did panic a little… lol. But he did really well by himself, I am proud. This particular park has a smaller area on top of the playscape that is mostly closed in, suitable for small children (supervised of course!). He did try and give me a heart attack a few times by giving me that little grin and going towards the open space. I think he knows how to get a reaction from me ALREADY! Oh boy… ha ha

photo 1

photo 2

Going for it!

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Hi mom!

photo 5


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Made it!

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Happy Halloween!

Well I hope y’all had a very happy Halloween filled with load of yummy candy!!!

photo 5

Holding tight to his first piece of candy

This year is my little monkey’s first REAL Halloween, and it was a great one. The hubby had to unfortunately work today so it was just little man trick or treating. We decided to go to the Chelsea neighborhood by  Clement Clarke Moore Park as suggested by Red Tricycle. The brownstones were decorated to the tee! Cobwebs and fog machines, the decorations were frightfully fun.


This brownstone was decked out!

My little trick or treater dressed up as (in my opinion) the most adorable monkey you ever did see. Not only does my baby boy had a little belly already, his costume had a little plush belly. It was adorable!

photo 2

I can’t get over the plush belly. ha ha

photo 1

The first piece of candy he was given was from a doorman who told him to take any piece he wanted. Baby boy went for the Reese’s, and was so excited about his candy he wanted to stop on the next stoop and eat it. Before he could get it open, he noticed all the excitement happening further down. As we went down the block, collecting more candy (still holding on to his precious Reese’s) he wanted to stop and eat each piece. Being that he has a Rice allergy, we have to be very careful reading each and every label… in the mean time I was able to distract him with lollies I brought with me until I can go through each piece of candy.

photo 3

It was extremely crowded, thankfully we didn’t bring the stroller we had our go to baby carrier the Ergo. If you plan on trick or treating next year in the Chelsea neighborhood I recommend not bringing a stroller if possible. Their were a few parents who did opt for the stroller and in my opinion they seemed a little frustrated trying to navigate through. But I would go again. Great experience!

photo 4

Happy Halloween from my little monkey and I

Here in NYC their are a number of local businesses/ dentist buying back your child’s candy. Simply bring in your loot and in exchange they will give you cash per pound, and some may even give you up to $5 a pound! Most have a limit and there are specific times and deadlines so be sure to check out Red Tricycle’s  list for every borough here.

One house was handing out shoe strings and bouncy balls, another pretzels. What non candy item did your child receive this year?


City Treehouse NYC

Today we had a playdate with blogger My Strange Family and her adorable son at City Treehouse. This indoor play area located in the Chelsea neighborhood of NYC, has activity settings for all ages. They offer a “soft room” for the younger ones with lots of interactive toys, and a forest themed play space.


The forest play space is equipped with a steam table that is filled with toys for their imagination to run free, as well a the two story “Treehouse” with a star cave! One particular area I found to be really creative yet so simple was a paint area that included slate on the wall, with paint brushed and water (as the “paint”) the water simply dries and its a new canvas for the next little artist.




I know “S” had a great time playing with his new friend, and he can’t wait to visit City Treehouse again

Summer in the city!


This heat here in nyc has been viscous. I sometimes feel like I’m back in Louisiana with these 99 degree heat waves! We headed back to the park for a family BBQ and little man experienced his first time at the sprinkler park. He had a blast. I’m not sure if the other kids were too happy with him as he was a little water hog by not wanting to share his sprinkler. But I know he had fun and as you can see from the photos a few adults were enjoying the water sprinklers too. Lol We can’t wait to explore other sprinkler parks in the city!

This was McCarren Park in Williamsburg Brooklyn.







A little trip to DUMBO


Manhattan Bridge


Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most iconic images when you think on NYC and today we decided to spend a little time in DUMBO. Baby boy had a blast taking a stroll along the water and goodness was it a beautiful day! We enjoyed running around on the grassy hills and chasing the birds. He absolutely LOVES feeding and chasing the birds.

Having a blast running around!

Having a blast running around!

Mom what’s that??

We also came across an adorable shop called PowerHouse Arena. They not only carry a great selection of books and unique cards, but they house literary events and gallery exhibits. I may have even picked up a little something for the MR. for father’s day 😉

The Park

Today was our first trip to the park in NYC and I think it was pretty successful. Being in an apartment you have to get out and let this toddler RUN some of this bottled energy off! My little man is a tiny one but thinks he is a very big boy. He wanted to run and climb with the big kids, yet he was a little to tiny. However, he still had a blast!

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