Today we conquered!

It was a big day for little man and myself. He conquered going up the playscape at the park and down the slide all BY HIMSELF! And I conquered my fear by letting him go up alone without freaking out. Well… ok, I did panic a little… lol. But he did really well by himself, I am proud. This particular park has a smaller area on top of the playscape that is mostly closed in, suitable for small children (supervised of course!). He did try and give me a heart attack a few times by giving me that little grin and going towards the open space. I think he knows how to get a reaction from me ALREADY! Oh boy… ha ha

photo 1

photo 2

Going for it!

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Hi mom!

photo 5


photo 3

Made it!

photo 4



City Treehouse NYC

Today we had a playdate with blogger My Strange Family and her adorable son at City Treehouse. This indoor play area located in the Chelsea neighborhood of NYC, has activity settings for all ages. They offer a “soft room” for the younger ones with lots of interactive toys, and a forest themed play space.


The forest play space is equipped with a steam table that is filled with toys for their imagination to run free, as well a the two story “Treehouse” with a star cave! One particular area I found to be really creative yet so simple was a paint area that included slate on the wall, with paint brushed and water (as the “paint”) the water simply dries and its a new canvas for the next little artist.




I know “S” had a great time playing with his new friend, and he can’t wait to visit City Treehouse again