Boogies be gone!

boogie_logoIt’s that time of year again of colds, flu, and runny noses. Let’s face it you can find the softest tissue with aloe and lotion, but you still end up with a rough dry little nose… Two moms Julie Pickens and Mindee Doney knew exactly what they were doing when they developed Boogie Wipes in 2007. Boogie Wipes has found a way to keep your little one’s nose clean, moisturizes, and boogie free with durable saline wipes available in unscented, fresh, grape and menthol.



I have always stuck to the unscented wipes in the past,because I was nervous the scented wipes would irritate my sons nose. However, I was wrong. The scented wipes are just as moisturizing and the menthol is perfect to help with congestion. He loved the grape scented wipes! In fact he likes them so much he kept coming up to me pointing to his little nose and sniffing. He LOVES boogies wipes. No more rough, red, dry noses here. Just Eskimo kissable noses!

Boogie Wipes are a must have not only for cold and flu season, but year round! You can find Boogie Wipes at most pharmacy retailer and online.


Boogie Wipes has teamed up with myself and my co-host in “The Great Winter Baby & Toddler Gear Giveaway” along with 9 other companies valued at over $300! Boogie Wipes is offering one winner (2) packs of 30 count boogies wipes in either unscented, fresh, grape or menthol. (combination varies)

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Kissy Kissy~Giveaway


When I was pregnant with my son I remember searching for the perfect “going home” outfit. I wanted the softest material, yet functional. This is when I discovered and fell in love with the Kissy Kissy brand.  Kissy Kissy is an American brand who uses only the softest Peruvian Pima cotton. Their pieces are timeless classics that can be passed through your family for years. The quality of their products are impeccable.


This Herringbone knit hooded cardigan and pant set is absolutely adorable!

From experience of owning multiple Kissy Kissy products I can assure you they are the BEST! Kissy Kissy truly holds to its standards of soft, durable, and highly resistant to pilling clothing. If you are looking for an exceptional brand for your child or gift- Kissy Kissy is what you want. Offering sizes from 0-4t, accessories, and more. To find a retailer in your area you can find it here.


He was so excited about his new clothes he couldn’t keep still!

Kissy Kissy has teamed up with myself and my co-host in “The Great Winter Baby & Toddler Gear Giveaway” along with 9 other companies valued at over $300! Win (1) Kissy Kissy Romper or Pant Set based upon the winner’s child’s size and gender. The winner will have a choice between sizes: 0-24 months. Valued at over $50!

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For more details on The Great Winter Baby & Toddler Gear Giveaway check it out here.


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GIVEAWAY/REVIEW~ jdbaby slippers

I’m so excited to share with you these deliciously adorable slippers from jdbaby. Now that the cooler weather has rolled in, and it’s only going to get colder my search began for kid friendly “fun” slippers to keep those sweet little toesies warm. Little one is always yanking off socks, so I knew if I wanted to keep anything on his feet, he had to LOVE them.

I came across jdbaby’s etsy shop and fell in love with her whimsical designs. I knew they would be perfect! What I loved most about jdbaby was they are handmade fleece slippers in a variety of unique designs from foxes, dragons, monkeys, duck feet to “red fish, blue fish”. Available in sizes for everyone babies to adults.

20131122-000150.jpgCome on y’all how stinkin’ cute are these slippers?!

foxmultiI was stoked when Joan the owner of jdbaby sent a pair of fox slippers for little man. Anytime I get a package he is always diving in to see what he will find. As soon as he saw the fox slippers he squealed with excitement, immediately wanting to wear them. He was so excited when I put them on his little feet that he started running back and forth across the apartment (thank goodness for the slip proof soles). I literally had to bribe him with candy to sit still so I could snap a photo of him. I guess we can say he likes them. Haha.


photo (1)

Want to know the best part?! You can win a pair of slippers in the design and size of your choice! Jdbaby has team up with myself and co-host in “The Great Winter Baby & Toddler Gear Giveaway” along with 9 other companies valued at over $300!

Win (1) Pair of jdbaby slippers in the design of your choice!

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For more details on The Great Winter Baby & Toddler Gear Giveaway check it out here.


Click on over to jdbaby to see more design. Tell her MommieDe sent you.

Today we conquered!

It was a big day for little man and myself. He conquered going up the playscape at the park and down the slide all BY HIMSELF! And I conquered my fear by letting him go up alone without freaking out. Well… ok, I did panic a little… lol. But he did really well by himself, I am proud. This particular park has a smaller area on top of the playscape that is mostly closed in, suitable for small children (supervised of course!). He did try and give me a heart attack a few times by giving me that little grin and going towards the open space. I think he knows how to get a reaction from me ALREADY! Oh boy… ha ha

photo 1

photo 2

Going for it!

photo 1


photo 2

Hi mom!

photo 5


photo 3

Made it!

photo 4


Happy Halloween!

Well I hope y’all had a very happy Halloween filled with load of yummy candy!!!

photo 5

Holding tight to his first piece of candy

This year is my little monkey’s first REAL Halloween, and it was a great one. The hubby had to unfortunately work today so it was just little man trick or treating. We decided to go to the Chelsea neighborhood by  Clement Clarke Moore Park as suggested by Red Tricycle. The brownstones were decorated to the tee! Cobwebs and fog machines, the decorations were frightfully fun.


This brownstone was decked out!

My little trick or treater dressed up as (in my opinion) the most adorable monkey you ever did see. Not only does my baby boy had a little belly already, his costume had a little plush belly. It was adorable!

photo 2

I can’t get over the plush belly. ha ha

photo 1

The first piece of candy he was given was from a doorman who told him to take any piece he wanted. Baby boy went for the Reese’s, and was so excited about his candy he wanted to stop on the next stoop and eat it. Before he could get it open, he noticed all the excitement happening further down. As we went down the block, collecting more candy (still holding on to his precious Reese’s) he wanted to stop and eat each piece. Being that he has a Rice allergy, we have to be very careful reading each and every label… in the mean time I was able to distract him with lollies I brought with me until I can go through each piece of candy.

photo 3

It was extremely crowded, thankfully we didn’t bring the stroller we had our go to baby carrier the Ergo. If you plan on trick or treating next year in the Chelsea neighborhood I recommend not bringing a stroller if possible. Their were a few parents who did opt for the stroller and in my opinion they seemed a little frustrated trying to navigate through. But I would go again. Great experience!

photo 4

Happy Halloween from my little monkey and I

Here in NYC their are a number of local businesses/ dentist buying back your child’s candy. Simply bring in your loot and in exchange they will give you cash per pound, and some may even give you up to $5 a pound! Most have a limit and there are specific times and deadlines so be sure to check out Red Tricycle’s  list for every borough here.

One house was handing out shoe strings and bouncy balls, another pretzels. What non candy item did your child receive this year?


Up he goes!

This last week little man has learned to climb the stairs (with help of course) or as he says “woaalk” (walk). This milestone is bitter sweet for me… each day he wants to be more and more independent and doesn’t want the help of mommy or daddy for certain tasks, and it makes me a little sad. I love that he is excited to use his new skills he has learned, but I just know sooner or later he will not want my help with anything. Everyone always said “They grow up fast”, yes, my baby boy is growing too fast… I don’t think it will ever get easier on this momma. So to hold these precious moments I make sure to snap LOTS of photos!!! haha

Here are a few photos of baby boy climbing the stairs with daddy.




A little trip to DUMBO


Manhattan Bridge


Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most iconic images when you think on NYC and today we decided to spend a little time in DUMBO. Baby boy had a blast taking a stroll along the water and goodness was it a beautiful day! We enjoyed running around on the grassy hills and chasing the birds. He absolutely LOVES feeding and chasing the birds.

Having a blast running around!

Having a blast running around!

Mom what’s that??

We also came across an adorable shop called PowerHouse Arena. They not only carry a great selection of books and unique cards, but they house literary events and gallery exhibits. I may have even picked up a little something for the MR. for father’s day 😉